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TailorBakes is a google rated 5-star company that is creating wonderful moments Wakefield with our brownie delivery Wakefield service. Here you can have some freshly baked remarkable brownies delivered across Wakefield from Castleford to Hemsworth. If you have a β€˜WF’ postcode we can deliver straight to your door. In Wakefield you can experience our spectacular brownies next working day. Place your order before 2pm and they will be freshly baked and delivered anywhere in Wakefield at breakneck speed unless you request delivery on a nominated date. You have found a Wakefield brownie company that delivers on it’s promise! Read our google reviews below.

Our Customers Love Our Brownies

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If you are looking some toothsome brownies delivered in Wakefield from a company that who cares, then pause for a moment because we do not care, but we adore all the products we produce and cherish all our customers. It is for this reason our customers often say, β€˜phenomenal customer service’. If it matters to you it matters to us. Our customers wanted to select their own flavours, so we created our β€˜create your own brownie box’. Now the most popular brownie we allow you to select your flavours or a flavour and have these delivered straight to your door. So, if you are looking for the best brownies and you are from Wakefield then breathe a sigh of relief. You have found the best Wakefield brownie delivery service around.
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At TailorBakes we do not hold stock of any of our brownies, because who wants brownies that are days old. So, when you place your order, our expert bakers will blend the finest ingredients using our famous recipe, bake your brownies, cool them naturally and expertly hand decorate them. Once ready they are quality checked, packaged in our sought-after gift packaging, and delivered within 24 hours across 338 square kilometres of Wakefield. If you enter a nominated delivery date all this is done 24 hours before your delivery.

Wakefield loves food. With the cosy café’s, afternoon tea and innovative cuisines launching our freshly baked Wakefield brownie delivery service was a special moment for us. And we continue to thank all our customers for making it as popular as it is. Now for your peace of mind do read our google reviews above and you will agree that we are the best brownie delivery service around.