Our Bake tailored from us to you, our story unravels…

We are baking enthusiasts, enjoying sweet memorable moments with our grandparents. Teatime, brunches and evening treats are big moments in the Tailor house. A gene instilled and a way of life passed down by generations.

A bake isn’t just a bake, but a moment of true family love. ‘TailorBake’ stems from a brothers sweet tooth indulgence and a little sisters ambition to explore the art of baking.

Inspiration began from memorable childhood beginnings. This passion began when she was gifted a toy kitchen on her 3rd birthday. As a young child she baked yummy treats for her brother and he became her biggest critic striving to make her bakes a form of art and luxury.

He presented her with his innovative ideas and wacky creations from which she then created unique handcrafted bakes.

They now combine their creative efforts and present ‘TailorBake’

“A love between family is like no other”

TailorBake your memory