Luxury Brownies Delivered Across The UK

At TailorBake, our infamous brownies come with a warning sign for their addictive nature! Our selection of finger-licking, ultra-gooey chocolate brownies are the ultimate way to fulfil any sweet-tooth’s sugar craving. Crafted with high-quality ingredients, each freshly baked batch of brownies is beautifully wrapped in tissue paper to preserve the taste and smell. We promise that our brownies will not disappoint!

Our Customers Love Our Brownies

All of our brownies are suitable for vegetarians and are alcohol-free. We have a range of flavour combinations to satisfy every person’s preference, including chocolate ferrero, chocolate orange, lamington, and lotus. Each batch can either be ordered in a box of 9, or in a family selection box of 16. TailorBake brownies are suitable for every occasion including birthdays, parties, gatherings, and picnics. Whatever your taste, whatever the occasion, our fudgy brownies will take the centre stage! Our faithful customers can testify to them being a crowd-pleaser, which is why they just keep coming back for more. For the optimal sensual experience, we recommend serving warm with a scoop of ice cream.

When you order our brownies from TailorBake, we will freshly bake them to order and deliver within 24 hours of dispatch. You can also add a personalised message at the checkout and enter a nominated delivery date, so they can be delivered at your convenience. If we have tempted you to indulge yourself in our brownies, then check out our sensational range below. We promise that our brownies will not disappoint!