Do you have a café based in Preston and are looking for some truly delicious and indulgent treats to serve alongside your menu? Do you want quality, hand crafted baked goods at great wholesale prices?

Here at Tailor Bakes we are passionate about sweet pies, dotty about desserts and crazy for cakes and cookies. We believe that great baking comes from love and from the experiences we have through our life. It is the moments that bring family together and that we can cherish with our loved ones.

We can provide sweet treats and bakes bursting with creativity and full flavour so that the customers of your cafes can enjoy their special moments with good company and good cake, so that they can have some me time with a little bit of confection luxury.

We stock a selection of bakes, with an assortment of flavours and tastes to please a variety of palettes so there is something for everyone and every taste.

Get in touch with our team today to start creating moments to cherish with our beautiful bakes.