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Difference between self raising flour and plain flour


Baking Tips & Tricks
Self-Raising Flour vs Plain Flour

If you are new to baking this information is a must. To know which flour to use for which products you are baking you must first understand the major differences between them. Here our expert bakers have gathered all the important differences and tips on what flour to use for which products. We hope this helps you on your baking journey and do tag us on Instagram with your amazing baking pictures.


So self-raising flour and plain flour are both types of wheat flour. Commonly used in baking. The major difference between the two is that self-raising flour contains baking powder and salt, whereas plain flour does not.


Self-raising flour is a combination of plain flour, baking powder and salt. A convenient option for baking as it eliminates the need to measure out each ingredient separately. This is particularly useful for recipes that require a quick and easy rise, such as cakes and scones. We would also recommend self-raising flour for making pancakes and waffles.


Plain flour is simply wheat flour that has been milled and sifted. It does not contain baking powder, yeast, or any other leavening agents. This means it will not rise on its own. When using plain flour, you will have to combine this with other ingredients e.g., eggs, milk in order to create a dough that will rise when baked. We recommend plain flour when making bread, pastries and biscuits.


When you are using self-raising flour be aware that it will already contain baking powder and salt. So to avoid a bitter or salty cake you may need to adjust the other ingredients. When you are using plain flour you will need to add a leavening agent e.g. salt.


We hope the above information helps you on your baking journey. Do tag us on Instagram with your baking pictures. Over time we have fine-tuned our recipes for all our baked goods. If you would like to see what products we have developed over the years that are available for deliver across the UK click the link below and perhaps surprise a loved one today.

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