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Our customers call our gourmet brownies ‘absolutely delicious’, ‘most delicious and amazing I’ve ever had’, ‘mind blown how tasty they were! And so on. These are all reviews our customers have left on google about our gourmet brownies. This is why we can promise you will be blown away by our handcrafted brownies. The best is now all our gourmet brownies can be delivered directly to your door anywhere in the UK, so you can send a lovely gift to a loved one’s or have an indulgent treat yourself.

Our Customers Love Our Gourmet Brownies

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At TailorBakes when we say gourmet, we honestly mean it. This is why our customers love us. On the day your order is due to be dispatched, our passionate bakers will rise early in the morning and create the brownie mixture for your order using on highly guarded recipe. Once the fresh locally sourced ingredients have been mixed the mixture will be baked for a set time. Once baked they are naturally cooled and decorated with obsessive attention to detail Each small morsel of delight is individually decorated. It is then packaged and send for dispatch same day to be delivered next day. No fridge, no freezer, no stock brownies, no prepared mixture. What we are trying to say is we do not take shortcuts.

Because we do not take shortcuts and freshly bake each order individually, we can give you the choice where you can create your own brownie box. We want your gourmet brownie box to wow, to leave you speechless with a satisfied stomach. When your gourmet brownies reach your door, you will be overwhelmed and asking yourself ‘how are these so fresh’ or calling your friends round because your house now smells of a bakery. Isn’t that what gourmet really is meant to be?

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TailorBakes was created to create special moments between people. This is why all our trademarked boxes are for sharing. We do recommend you warm the gourmet brownies for 10-15 seconds in the microwave and grab a scoop of ice cream. Add a personalised message and using our nominated delivery date service have your gourmet brownies at your convenience.

We know how difficult it is finding gourmet brownies. I bet you have ordered from many companies who claim to sell gourmet brownies, until they arrive, and you know they have been produced days or even weeks ago. There is little scent, and the taste has diminished. We give you our guarantee this will not be the case.