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Our gourmet cookies are arguably the best in the UK, well that is what our customers have written on our 5 star google reviews. Often describing our handcrafted artisan cookies as β€˜amazing, perfect, delicious and more’. For this reason, we are certain you will be beyond impressed too with all our gourmet cookies and the best is now they can be delivered in our trademarked gift box directly to your or your loved one’s door. A true work of art.

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All our gourmet cookies have been immensely researched and developed by our expert bakers and when we say gourmet, we mean it. Every order is individually baked, and each cookie is decorated individually. A skill our passionate bakers have mastered. On the day your order is due to be dispatched the dough is freshly made, baked, naturally cooled, decorated, packaged, dispatched, and delivered to your door within 24 hours. This ensures that all our artistic cookies are still oozing with the fresh smell of the bakery that will take command of your home.

We do not pre-bake, have cookies in stock, refrigerate, freeze nor store. We do not take part in any shortcuts that will diminish the taste, smell, or appearance of your gourmet cookies. It matters to us, we want you or your loved ones to say β€˜wow’ when you lift the lid and the scent makes your mouth water, your eyes make you that much hungrier and your mouth that makes you appreciate every bite.

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With our gourmet cookies we have been creating extraordinary moments between special people throughout the UK for many years. We hope with your support to continue to do this. We highly recommend for a more heavenly experience to warm your artisan cookie in the microwave for 10-15 seconds.

We know how difficult it is to find delicious cookies and I bet you have been searching for the perfect gourmet cookies near me. Well now you can breathe a sigh of relief because you have found a company who cares. Either use our nominated delivery date option at no extra charge for a future delivery or if you are ordering before 2pm we will deliver your order to your door next day!