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Ramadan Presents 2023

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Looking for the best halal Ramadan presents online? Then don’t worry, you will be glad you found us. We have been created memories in Ramadan for the many years gone by and hope to continue to do so. A company founded in Ramadan we like to think we have some delicious Ramadan presents that will be thoroughly enjoyed by the many during iftar. Well it is what our customers say about us – read our 5 star google reviews below. All TailorBakes are Halal.

Our Customers Love Our Ramadan Presents

We know how difficult it is finding a Ramadan present for your loved ones, but you can’t go wrong with a freshly baked box of deliciousness delivered to their door. Either give them a heads up of let it me a complete surprise. Our presents for Ramadan have been created using our popular products, but we gave these a slight tweak to ensure there is a flavour for every family member to devour.
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Sweet dishes and desserts are a big thing in our household and with our friends and family especially during the month of Ramadan. But the true achievement is when you can smell the food whilst you are watching the clock tick and a busy engaged in your prayers. We are sorry to say, we will add to the smell because all our Ramadan presents are baked and dispatched on the same day and then delivered within 24 hours. This ensures it will be love at first bite, but do not let the sweet aromas distract you in them crucial final moments.

Unlike many other bakers at TailorBakes we bake daily. In the early hours of the morning the day begins.Β We don’t take any shortcuts like refrigerate any mixtures, pre-bake, and store in containers, use the freezer etc. But in face each order is made from the finest flour on the day it will be dispatched. This is what makes is unique, why our customers appreciate the effort we put in every order. Because we know it matters.

Finally, rest assured all TailorBakes are halal. We do not use any ingredients unsuitable for the Islamic diet nor alcohol in any of our products. So you can enjoy every bite in peace with the full confidence that you have purchased from a company that follows the Islamic dietary requirments.