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Looking for a subscription box that will bring a little joy every month without any effort? Then our subscription boxes will do just this. Delivered to your door every month across the UK it is either a gift that keeps on giving or a well-deserved monthly treat. Each month we will add new products, some exclusive items and limited edition products to your subscription box. Each item will be created and produced by us so we know you will love them. Read our google reviews.

Our Customers Love Our Subscription Boxes

Each month on your date or purchase you will receive your delicious handmade subscription box. We know on occasions you may be away, so we give you full flexibility. Delay your package, have it earlier, put it on hold or send your box to someone else to enjoy. Just let us know or manage on your TailorBake account.

You can pay for your subscription boxes in different ways. Either pay monthly and enjoy full control, full flexibility, no minimum period and you can cancel anytime with no cancellation fee. The most popular and most cost-effective options is to pay for 6 months and pay for 12 months. Because our customers know how delightful TailorBake deliveries are. We are trusted. Receive 1 month free or 2 months free when you select either pay for 6 or 12 months. The best is you still receive our rewards points. So, you can use these points for a free box.

You only pay 1 delivery charge. Your remaining deliveries are free. When you place your first order, it will be delivered within 1-3 working days unless you request otherwise. You will be the first to enjoy our limited edition Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’ Day, Christmas flavours and the list goes on. We will be creating unique items that are exclusive for our subscription boxes.

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When we dispatch your order, we will let you know. You will receive a 1-hour timeslot on the day of delivery and can request leave in safe place, neighbour or even collect from your local shop. Now you will agree we have made it easy for you to get your monthly freshly baked box of goodies. A gift that does not stop giving!

A way to treat yourself or remind your loved ones every month how much you love them!