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TailorBake Cookie Sizzler


Family and friends get together? Or just time to indulge? Whatever the occasion this cookie sizzler is a definite crowd pleaser! This is the kind of innovative dessert that will totally blow anyone’s socks off! It will definitely leave a long lasting impression on the eater’s memory.

Our cookie sizzler is the dessert of choice when we have a get together. The warmth of the cookie served with our favourite luxury vanilla ice cream. However, be ready to exercise this overload in calories.

Click below for video:-


Things you will need:

  • Hot fudge sauce (see sundae recipe or below) you can make this chocolate sauce beforehand and warm up before serving
  • TailorBake Chocolate chip caramel cookies
  • Ice cream (we prefer vanilla)
  • Cast iron sizzler plate and wooden board



  1. Place your Iron Plate on the flame and gently heat up, keep it on gentle heat for 5 minutes or until hot.
  2. Warm up your TailorBake cookies in the microwave for 15-20 seconds (not any longer).
  3. Now the sizzler should be hot, carefully place it onto the wooden board of the sizzler using oven gloves!
  4. Place the warm cookies onto the sizzler, place a scoop of ice cream and pour over the hot sauce.
  5. Watch it steam and sizzle away. Be careful it will be extremely hot.



You get sizzler plates that come with a cast iron plate and a wooden stand. If you don’t have them, you can use any iron plate that can handle the heat and a wooden board to place the plate on. Careful not to touch the plate as it will be very hot.

Don’t forget to snap and share your picture of your TailorBake Cookie Sizzler @tailorbakes


Hot fudge sauce recipe: 

  1. Warm water in a pan
  2. Place the chocolate in a large bowl.

Once water is simmering, place the bowl with chocolate on top of the pan.

  1. Once the chocolate is fully melted, add condensed milk.
  2. Keep mixing till a full blend is achieved.
  3. You can add a tad of cinnamon, peppermint or some instant espresso during the cooking process.