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How Long Do Cookies Last


Cookie Tips & Tricks
How Long Do Cookies Last?

TailorBakes is renowned for its cookies, but we often get asked how long do cookies last. Our cookies remain fresh for 7 days once delivered, but here we answer the question in a little more detail. Cookies last for varied amounts of time. It all depends on the ingredients and storage conditions.


Homemade cookies will last for a week providing there are stored in a airtight container at room temperature. If stored in a refrigerator they can last upto 2 weeks. On the other hand, commercial processed cookies can last weeks or even months if they are unopened and stored in a cool dry place.


The recipe is very important. At TailorBakes all our ingredients are made using fresh ingredients and for this reason they will only last 7 days once delivered. For example cookies made with butter or shortening will not last as long as those made with oil because butter and shortening can go rancid over time or cookies made with fresh ingredients like eggs and milk will not last as long as those made with dried ingredients like baking powder and baking soda.


The storage container is very important. At TailorBakes our trademarked gift box has been designed to ensure the cookies are stored in a sealed, airtight container. This is because air and humidity can cause the cookies to lose its freshness and become stale.


So, we recommend it is best to eat all cookies within a week of making them, but you can extend the shelf life if stored in a fridge in an airtight container. And don’t forget cool your cookies completely before refrigerating as otherwise they will become soggy.


So overall if you are making your own cookies the shelf life depends on the recipe, ingredients and how they are stored. With that said TailorBake handcrafted cookies will all remain fresh for 7 days. This is because all our cookies are freshly baked and delivered within 24 hours. If you would like to discover our 5-star rated cookies please click the link below:

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